Smart Computing Magazine Reviews CadStd Pro:
"If you've never used a PC to create plans, even a simple 2D line drawing, CadStd Pro is a great place to start. From the detailed tutorials to the intuitive interface, CadStd Pro makes it easy to learn to use a CAD program."

That's what Heidi V. Anderson wrote in the October 2004 issue of Smart Computing Magazine in an article titled "Triple Your Fun -- Three 3D Drawing Apps For Less Than Three Figures". Smart Computing reviewed "dozens of CAD programs" before selecting the final 3 for the article. They wrote a well researched review, giving CadStd Pro an overall score of four out of five.

Even though CadStd Pro is a 2D program, it was included in the comparison because of its ability to create 3D isometric projections from orthographic views. See Tutorial Chapter 5.

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