April 5, 2016

Dear Customers and Friends,

I feel I owe you an explanation for the decline in the release frequency of CadStd in the last few years.

Several years ago my Cardiologist told me that I would need to have my aortic heart valve replaced again soon. My day job is pretty stressful and she suggested that reducing my hours might be a good idea.

His eye is on the sparrow Since I spent most of my adult life looking at computer screens, I decided to work less and spend some time outdoors. I cut back my day job hours so that I could take every Friday off. I took up birding, something I have loved since childhood. I enjoyed taking my 90+ year old mother into the corners of Ventura county (including the top of Frazier mountain), searching for rare birds. She moved to another state but still calls me every week to see if I have been out birding and to see if I have found any new bird species.

In July 2015, I received an ON-X mechanical heart valve that was designed on a CAD system. Thanks to my wonderful surgeon, his staff and the tender care of my Wife Sherrie and our daughters, my recovery went well. The whole process has taught me that sitting around (at work or home), is one of the most dangerous things you can do to your health. I had hoped that my previous valve (a Medtronic Freestyle tissue valve), would last my whole lifetime. It lasted for 15 years, which is pretty good in a person my age. If I had been much older it would have lasted even longer (less beats per minute, lower calcification rates etc.).

I didn't forget about CadStd. It's future is something that weighs heavily on me. You invested in the product (by spending time and money using it), and I am committed to see it improve. The awareness of my mortality makes me want to get others involved to make sure CadStd survives (in the long term), with or without me. Whether that means opening the source or finding an investor or partners that can see its potential is a issue I am working on.

My health is good, the future is bright, and I am making plans to get new releases happening again right away. Thank you for your patience!

John Apperson
CadStd Author