What others are saying about CadStd...

CadStd is exactly that - MAGIC! I work for probably the largest global service company in the oil industry and I can draw faster in your program than our draughtsmen can with the $4000 programs. That says it all I think! Please keep up the great work for us all out there.. Thanks and regards Murdo L.

I just wanted to thank you for a great cad program. I have purchased programs costing hundreds but had to shelve them because they were so complicated. I was able to design a radio tray for a remote control car with your program in a short time. I never looked into your purchase link because I was afraid your program would cost hundreds. When I finally clicked on the purchase link I was happily surprised it was only $25.00. I am going to purchase your pro version and recommend your program to others.. Andy M.

I just want to say thank you for the great CAD package. I was working from home earlier today and needed to make some quick but urgent 2D sketches for a job I am trying to push through. I have an expensive CAD package on my PC - but have never got to grips with it - so searched the web for something free and with low download time. Yep, you guessed it, came across your "lite" package and ran of the sketch in about 30 mins. Talk about intuitive - at last something which does what it claims to do. One hour later I purchased the pro pack update and then tidied up my drawing to include the new features. This is a steal at $25!! - I will be spreading the good news.. Kindest regards Chris B.

I'm really pleased with the pro version 3.5 and will pass the offer along to friends. Your product is becoming very mature and is worth far more than the price charged.. Steve P.

Thank you for the notification on the availability of Cad Standard v.3.5. I purchased v.3.1a last Fall, and I have been delighted with the ease in which I was able to learn Cad Standard. After realizing the quality of this program (this tool), I would gladly pay twice the price charged. Your tutorial file is excellent and very comprehensive. In the past, I have purchased and tried several other Cad programs, but I was never able to quite get it. Cad Standard is the only one I--being the novice that I am--have been able to truly grasp the innner workings of.. Last Fall I used Cad Standard to make drawings of a deck roof and foundation detail for submission to a permit process required by the city I live in. The drawings, and the ease in which I was able to change or correct deficiencies, were just the ticket for dealing with the city's Building Code Inspector. The inspector was quite pleased with the accuracy of the Cad Standard drawings. I owe the ease in which I was able to deal with this situation to Cad Standard. I don't believe I could have done without Cad Standard. Again, I thank you, -- Chris L. E.

I'd just like to thank you for CadStd! I'm starting to build my second house this spring, and needed something quite simple and fast to draw up the cupboards with. I downloaded CadStd from download.com, installed it, looked and twinked at it for about 15 minutes, and away I went drawing the cupboards! I have not used a CAD program previously because the ones I've seen would have taken days to learn! CadStd is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to make fast and easy drawings; you don't necessarily have to be an engineer know how to use it! .. Jari K.

I have worked with AutoCAD, CATIA, and CADAM. I just got Cadstd 3.5 Pro and it is GREAT! One question: Do you have plans for a 3-D CAD in the future? .. Jerry C.

I am a cabinet maker from the rural area near Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and I would like to say in the few weeks I have had CADSTD I have come to love the ease and simplicity of running and using your program. I have just dropped a cheque in the mail to upgrade to the PRO version because I think I could cut Hours off of my time to do a set of drawings.. James T.

Once again I'd like to thank you for providing such a useful service to the internet community. I am happily using my 20 licensed copies of CADSTD to teach over 100 students the basics of CAD everyday. Kurt W.

With a previous employer I used Autocad Lite. I am now starting a woodworking business on a shoestring and CadStd is one of the best things to happen to it so far. I am somewhat astounded to find such a workable helper at so reasonable a price.. John B.

house We thought you would like the enclosed picture of our new home built with CadStd plans. Our contractor had only an 'idea book' and wanted to work from their sketch. He said our CadStd plans saved a lot of rework and misunderstanding. Randy & Mary Ellen W.

A couple of weeks ago I downloaded your tiny cad and immediately mastered it. It was a matter of half an hour, without using Help !. It' a wonderful piece of software. I'm involved in maintenance of large CAD systems such as Dassault's CATIA ....so I know well what I'm saying. Well , I love CadStd. I find it extremely useful for hobby works. Last week I used it to design a special fork connector for my huge stereo system , and now I'm working around some drilling templates for a project of a two-chassis tube amplifier (an adventure for me and a friend for the next year). I'm sure it will help me heavily also in my model railroading.. Raffaello V.

Thanks for your cadstd programme. I downloaded the freeware version a few weeks ago. I just used it to check dimensions and fit on a job I had designed in my usual "back of envelope" style. It helped to show a problem which would have cost me a lot of dollars to rework! Worth every penny of $USD25. So I have just registered for full version. Thanks mate and all the best from Australia. Martin L.

I just want to congratulate youfor your great program CADSTD. Though I don't need it very often it's always fun to work with it. I registered it and now I'm using V2.60. Karl L.

I want to thank you for your great program. I own a custom door mfg. company and have needed a CAD program for some time, but have dreaded paying way too much for an overly complicated program. So, in my search for demos and shareware, I came across your program. I downloaded it and did two drafts within 30 minutes, completed. I am very happy with it.. Bill W.

I would like to compliment you on a first class cad program. I've been a draftsman in the past before computers and I know what makes a good drawing program. I have a part time machine shop business at home and use CadStd often. Very easy to learn and use. David B.

You did good! What a terrific program. I haven't done any drafting since mechanical drawing in the ninth grade (half a century ago) but I had no problem using your program and designing a laboratory layout for a friend and colleague. I will never use the advanced features you offer but I feel you should be rewarded. My check is in the mail. thank you, Bob

Thanks for the upgrade, I've been using cadstd for a few months and think it's great. I'm currently a construction manager for a 30,000 sq.ft log office building being built in southeast Iowa and have used your program to make many mechanical drawings for this project. Regards Tim M.

Allow me to thank you for the availability of your program! I am a professional materials scientist in faraway South Africa. I have been begging for something along the lines of 'Draftchoice' which I have used for a long time. Cadstd is amazing! As I have been designing and implementing software systems for more than 15 years now, I really appreciate what I am using.. Whatever you do, stay with it, this program is the best thing to happen to me in five years of design battles!! Greetings from South Africa. Maans

Congratulations from the crew at Jumbo.com!! Your program, CadStd, has been chosen as the Program of the Day for April 22, 1999 and is currently being featured on our homepage.. This award is given to downloadable programs, freeware or shareware, that exhibit exceptional utility, convenience, and ease of use.. Once again, congratulations! Sincerely, Pedro Hernandez (Associate Editor - Jumbo! / internet.com)

I really enjoy your cad program and I can't wait to try it out on a new addition to our home. I took a AutoCad course in tech school but couldn't afford the program. Your program is really cool it is amazing how much ya'll put in this program. Thanks again from the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. Randy A

I know nothing about CAD except that, looking over the shoulder of an engineer once, I thought AutoCAD was a lot more trouble than it was worth. I needed to be able to draw a medical catheter idea and wondered if there were any simple drawing programs on the Web. I followed the five-star rating in ZD Net to your program. What a pleasure! I registered for the advanced features to complete the program, because I am now through with the Magic Marker and paper towel approach to drafting.. I wish you great success with this excellent product. Sincerely, Peter P

I taught a class of 21 students Drafting ..this year. I had good success working with them for about 5 months. 3 1/2 months were spent with a T-square and drawing board while the last month and a half I used CadStd. It worked very well .. The students easily transferred their pen and paper skills to the program and all of my students were able to complete a number of basic drawings with ease. Most of the students were enthusiastic to be able to use the computer to make their drawings. They certainly enjoyed being able to change one or two lines without needing to redraw the whole cell. Thanks for the program I'll use it again next year. Kevin R.

I have paid today your fee for the advanced options. I don't know if I will need them, but you made such a good work in CadStd! And I think good work should be honored. CadStd is great CAD-program! Charly

I just wanted to say that it's a nice cad program. I'm a poor engineer student in Sweden and you have saved my day...it's really simple to use. I have used CAD programs before but this one was the easiest one I tried. Very good, I'll tip all of my friends at the university... Anders

I am a trained user of Autocad rel.13. I downloaded your CadStd demo. Excellent. I think it is much easier to use than Autocad since I mainly use only 2D features. It contains all the main elements of Autocad with less typing. Perfect for fast drawings, easy to follow, although because of my Cad experience, I found it easy to master... Excellent job for such a small program. Thank you, Dave.

I got an A+ in a netwoking class. We had a case study project where I had to design the network topology, I could not do it in paint so I searched for a free cad program. After about 4 useless free/cad programs I came across yours and the project came out great. (Aol User)

I am an "armchair" drafter and architect, and an amateur programmer besides. I'm thoroughly impressed that such a complex beast as a CAD program could be released for free. I applaud you, as so many of those in the programming community are hell-bent on making poorly conceived projects that require payment to use.
Thank you for your contribution to the electronic world, and I hope more software engineers take your example (I myself subscribe to the freeware policy in my own creations). H.K.H.

Recently I found your cadstd203 freeware on the internet. I was looking for something very easy to use to do some drawings for my hobby....I make stained glass windows. Last weekend, after going through about a dozen erasers, because of many changes to a window I was designing, I decided there just had to be a simple CAD-like program out there somewhere that even I could use. I'm not an engineer on in a profession where I use any CAD programs (although I have been around many engineers and watched them do amazing things with their cad programs). A friend suggested I look around on the 'net for shareware or freeware and a cad-type program. Low and behold, kind sir, I found yours!! TA DAAAAA........ After I downloaded your program and began to play with it I found out how easy it was even for me to use! Thank you for your time and effort in making your program available!! It's much appreciated. Mike K.

This is a great program, well organized, intuitive to use and a fabulous effort. It's not often that you find such a superb program written for freeware and it heartens me to realize that there are still people in our world who do great things for others without seeking extravagant monetary rewards... David B.

Well done ! It is an ambitious "spare time" piece of software. Pierrik

You have created a great little CAD program. Not only does it look good but it works well. .. Your wife and family must indeed be most patient and understanding to encourage you in this pasionate endeavor. Keep up the good work. Dale

I've been using this program at home for about 3 months and would like to tell you that this is one fine program. It's easy to use and does a top notch job. The ease of use is what I like the most. Good work ..... Thank you for time, Charlie

I Really like your Cad program a lot and have a lot of friends who use it. It is simple to use and friendly... Chris G.

Yes, I like what you've done with this, and the elegance (for want of better term). I have other CAD programs, including commercial ones, but this is nice!... Graeme

Thanks for the CadStd software, It is a good bug free (as far as I can tell), basic, CAD program, which is what I need.. Bob L.

Thank you, sir, for developing this program..... I just starting browsing through it, and it seems like a VERY well thought out piece of work :)... Bruce D.

Good for starters and for big guys too... Jan S.

I am tired of having to pay hundreds of dollars for a program, working with it, finding out that it won't do a certain task, and to top it off having to go buy another program to make up for the lack of abilities of the one that I just bought. Luke S.

CadStd is a very powerful and very professional 2D CAD (Computer Aided Design) program with enough grunt to create the most elaborate drawings. With an extensive toolbar (38 buttons!), CadStd is not a wimp's toy but a genuine contender to the expensive 'shrink wrapped' CAD programs which cost many hundreds of dollars. And it's free!!! If you are looking at getting a CAD system for your PC then you will go a long way before bettering this one. While it is 'only' 2D (we listed one last week which, while a 3D solid CAD program, was not as powerful as CadStd), the range of drawing tools and control available means that it can handle exceptionally complicated drawings. -- From a review by Graham Pockett in the Completely Free Software E-mail Update #37.

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